Ok, in surfing around the Internet this morning, I stumbled across a website that sells a Backup plugin for WordPress.  Many WordPress Backup Plugins just back up the data tables (containing your posts, comments, pages, etc.) BUT DO NOT BACKUP your widgets, other plugins, themes, scripts, etc.  However, this plugin backs up everything you need [...]

Ok, Everyone has their own list.  So I thought I would share this list of plugins from another blog I was reading. 17 WordPress Plugins for your Blog Please comment to let me know what you think of these plugins so I know what to share with future followers of this blog and my clients. [...]

Ok, here's a good link to a good blog post about backing up WordPress Blogs. He talks about the program that backs your data up to Amazon S3 account.  That is one that I use and have had great success with so far.  It's a little bit of a pain in the neck to set [...]

Ok Everyone, here's the link to delete your Facebook acount: http://www.sltrib.com/features/ci_15102727#top I just found out a few minutes ago about the latest drive for everyone to delete their Facebook accounts and leave Facebook. I have almost 1,300 "friends" on Facebook.  Many have become positive influences in my life.  Some have become clients.  So I have [...]

Ok, everyone.  Here's a great list of some very helpful plugins you COULD be using on your WordPress.org Blog.  This is not the exact same top 11 I would choose.  Everyone has their own list of the TOP TEN, TOP 5, or whatever. http://xtremelysocial.com/2010/11-must-have-plugins-for-every-wordpress-site/ Nevertheless, these plugins are definitely worth a looksie.  If you can't [...]