I refuse to watch any more of the tragic events on TV. It doesn't help the victims, the families of the victims and it doesn't help me. It's disturbing and upsetting and achieves nothing. If you want to help the families of the victims, please do so. Watching the worst of humanity on humanity helps [...]

  This blog post is a tribute to Zig Ziglar (1926 – 2012)  --   author, motivational speaker, true gentleman, inspirational human being. Zig, you will be missed! You were a great guy in real life. Not just on cassette tape. Not just on stage. Not just in your books. I will NEVER forget the [...]

I am looking forward to launching this blog soon. I really want to share information and help people succeed at working from home, or succeed in their small business if they own one.

Welcome everyone to my blog!  My goal is to share all the information I have learned about Websites, WordPress Blogs, Online Marketing, Network Marketing, computer security, computer software programs and utilities with you. I hope that this information will prove useful in helping you to become massively successful in your small business, home business, or [...]