Jupiter Jim’s WordPress Tutorials

This page contains a list of links to my WordPress Tutorials. I created most of these WordPress video tutorials myself, so that you could derive maximum benefit from the WordPress platform.

Please note that there are more WordPress tutorials on my YouTube Channel. The advantage clicking on the WordPress video tutorials that are right here on this page is that if you need the code to complete the tutorial, it’s right there in the post!


Update Your WordPress Plugins Regularly Updating your WordPress Plugins helps prevent your site from being hacked. Outdated Plugins account for the largest majority of WordPress Website Security Hacks. Hackers have programs that look for WordPress Websites that are using outdated plugins. That's when you can become a target and a potential victim. Simply watch the [...]

You want to update your WordPress website or blog to WordPress 4.2.1 immediately for security reasons. Kimberly Castleberry was kind enough provide a link to more detailed information on the importance of this update at Forbes Magazine:   I shot the video tutorial below so you can found out how easy it is to update [...]

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