Free “Online Backup for WordPress” Plugin Video Tutorial

I created the following Video Tutorial to make it easy for anyone using WordPress to take advantage of what I believe is the BEST WordPress Backup Plugin on the Planet, entitled “Online Backup for WordPress” created by headquartered in West Yorkshire in the United Kingdom.  I spent many hours over many days looking for a dependable WordPress Backup Plugin with top notch customer support. This is what I found:

Here are the steps covered in this video tutorial:

  1. Locate, Download and Install Backup Plugin using search terms “wp online backup”
  2. Activate Backup Plugin.
  3. Go to “Online Backup Settings” section, click on link to open FREE account at
  4. Open email and click on link to validate email address and activate account.
  5. In blog dashboard, go to Tools > Online Backup and click on link to get to Backup Plugin admin panel.
  6. Go to “General Settings” tab (or section) and choose encryption type and encryption key.
  7. Also under “General Settings” tab (or section) choose “Backup Behaviour” and then click on blue “Save Settings” button.
  8. ONLY AFTER COMPLETING Step #7 should you click on “Online Backup Settings” tab (or section).
  9. Now while in “Online Backup Settings” section, log in with “username” and “password” .
  10. Then click on “Overview” tab and check “configuration settings” just to have a look at your progress.
  11. Click on “Schedule” tab and choose backup schedule and then click on blue “Apply Schedule” button.
  12. Click on “Backup” tab and choose settings for manual backup and then click on blue “Start Manual Backup” button.
  13. Done!