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My First Guest Post Today’s post is my first guest post ever on my site.   Today’s post was written by M. Farouk Radwan.  Farouk is a VERY successful blogger and online marketer of a self-help website and you can find out more about him and his great site at . 6 effective Tips to [...]

I just love this infographic on Internet Marketing! This thorough and informative infographic was created by Mainline Media! Thanks so much for creating this great content to share with the world of Internet Marketing! How do I get More Visitors to my site? As soon as I am done building a WordPress website for a client, [...]

Can't I just hit the "Update Now" Button? This WordPress Tutorial shows you the proper way to update to WordPress 3.3.2 Here are the basic steps for updating to WordPress 3.3.2 -- Backup the database and files to WordPress site. De-activate your WordPress theme. De-activate all your active plugins. Update to WordPress 3.3.2 Re-Activate your [...]

Just last Saturday, my YouTube Channel went over 50,000 video views!  If each video lasts about 8 minutes, then that means that these WordPress and Thesis Theme Video Tutorials have given over 6,500 hours of free instruction to my video viewers around the world.  I currently have over 75 Free Video Tutorials on WordPress and [...]

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