Why I LOVE the Thesis Theme for WordPress!

** Please note that this video was made in May of 2009. The Thesis Theme has been greatly improved since this video was created.  However, the video is still EXCELLENT in explaining what makes this theme so great!

Reasons the Thesis Theme is so OUTSTANDING!

1.)   The Thesis theme is constantly being upgraded and newer and better versions of this theme are regularly published.

2.)   The support for this theme is outstanding. If you want to tweak your blog, you or your blog designer can get the information you need fairly quickly by searching or posting your question in the forums at DIYThemes.com.  Most themes, free or paid, have little or no support – quite frustrating in the middle of a project.

3.)   Thesis theme is so popular so there are thousands of Thesis Theme blog developers and designers who share blog development information for free on the forums at DIYThemes.com AND at their own websites and on YouTube videos.  Search YouTube.com for instructional videos on using and customizing the Thesis theme.  A great place to start is my own Channel on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/user/JupiterJimLanders . You will not find such widespread enthusiasm and support for another WordPress theme, and it’s growing every day!

4.)  Thesis is “upgrade-proof.” When you upgrade to the latest version of the Thesis theme, all your tweaks and customizations to your blog will not be overwritten and destroyed.  You make all your modifications in two custom files within a custom folder (custom.css and custom-functions.php), and never touch the core files.  So when you upgrade to the latest version, the core files are updated, not the custom files that you tweaked.     In most of the free themes, when you download the update for the latest version, all of the files that you have tweaked to make your blog look just right, have been overwritten. All your work and coding is lost. It’s a sickening feeling to see all your work vanish in an instant when you update your free themes.  That cannot happen with Thesis Theme.

5.)  The Thesis framework is rock-solid, and is built with the foresight and imagination that makes it an ideal platform for any kind of customizations you want. Thesis can be made to look the way you want it to. Just look at the sites in the Thesis showcase , not one of them looks like the generic “Thesis” theme right out of the box, yet they all take advantage of its robust underlying framework. (Mike Nichols of ThesisThemeTools.com)

6.)  Thesis is optimized for speed and efficiency. It loads far faster than most themes, even when burdened by many plugins, widgets, and images. Check out this article for how it’s done.

7.)  Thesis has the greatest implementation of SEO of any theme available, free or paid. You don’t need a bunch of SEO plugins to rank high in Google search results. But if you have been using All-in-One-SEO Pack Plugin, Thesis will either let you keep using it, or convert your settings over to “Thesis-friendly” ones.

8.)  Thesis is built with accessibility in mind. Your ability to reach different audiences -— those with special needs, people using alternative Web browsers, mobile users — is built into the Thesis framework, rather than tacked on, as in other themes. (Mike Nichols)

9.)  There are other developers who have created top notch “skins” that were designed to be layered on top of the Thesis theme.  These skins can be free, or typically $27, $47 or maybe $67.   To pay a designer to create the same effect as these skins that work specifically with Thesis would cost hundreds of dollars!

You can find excellent examples of Thesis skins at:


Please Note: Mike Nichols at ThesisThemeTools.com gave me the idea and much of the information for this post. Thanks Mike!