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How to Create a new user in WordPress

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In this WordPress video tutorial, I show you how to create a new user for your WordPress blog or Website.  There are a number of reasons that you might want to give someone else access to your WordPress blog or website by making them a new “user”.    You may want to give someone else “Administrator” privileges so that they can help you run your site, or so that they can go in and help you troubleshoot a problem on your site.  (But maybe you don’t want to share your particular username and password.) You may have someone who does a “guest post” on your blog, and you want to give them Author, Editor, or Contributor privileges.  For guest bloggers, Contributor role should contain sufficient rights and privileges.  That’s just my suggestion. I got that advice from a great blogger Nile Flores at Blondish.net.

What are user roles in WordPress?

To learn more about the different user roles and privileges in WordPress, visit WordPress.org.   There you can learn about the different WordPress roles and capabilities such as Admin, Editor, Author, Contributor. and Subscriber.

Written Step-by-Step Instructions for Adding a New WordPress User

I found a great link that shows you step-by-step instructions on how to add new users to your WordPress blog or website at Dummies.com.

Video Tutorial on Adding a New User

Was this video helpful to you?  Have you ever had to create a new user for your WordPress blog or Website?

Article Written by Jim Landers aka “Jupiter Jim”

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  • Hey Jim,

    It’s actually a good thing to make a new user option with your WordPress site. The truth is, I made an administrator user so that my colleagues will have a different access in my site which they can use if they want to post an article in it. The Administrator user has a limited access though. It a good idea to have a separate user option but just be careful in giving the details and stuff. Be sure to give it to those who you really think are trust-worthy.
    Farrell John Conejos recently posted..Stage 1 Complete! The Voice UK Season 2 Sets Off For The Battle RoundsMy Profile

  • Very informative video Jim! I am learning so much from visiting here.. Loving it.. Not sure if I will ever need to use this but one never knows HUH? Thanks for all you do.. Chery :)
    Chery Schmidt recently posted..How Can We Reach Those Goals?My Profile

  • I got into this situation due to rebuilding my amember database integrated with wordpress. broke my head for more than 8 hours before I got this clue..thanks a lot and a great information…

    Comment by Vinnie R

  • I found that I needed to do this for more than one blog in the past, due to using the default ‘admin” user name. As you mention in a previous post, you can’t change your username in WordPress, so you have to create a new user and then remove the old one.
    Thanks for a clear exposition, Jim!
    Alan Jenkin recently posted..How To Set And Achieve Goals That Work For YouMy Profile

  • Hi Jupiterjim,
    It’s really nice to know about for How to Create a new user in WordPress. well it was so easy & I have done this but now I would like to know more about WordPress like now how would I change title & theme in WordPress ?

  • I want ask that, there is no option to delete administrator account. How can i delete it?
    Maddy recently posted..Best Websites that convert YouTube Videos to Mp3, Mp4 OnlineMy Profile

  • Good Post by JupiterJim and he provided the information in a very good way of How to create account in wordpress
    Siddhartha Sinha recently posted..5 simple ways to make money onlineMy Profile

  • Hi jupiterjim,
    It’s great tutorial, Well I must say creating a new user in WordPress it’s a not big task but this post can really help for those are unaware to creating a new user in WordPress.
    Vivek Baghel recently posted..Social Media Marketing and It’s ImportantanceMy Profile

  • Very good tutorial Jupiterjim!
    Your post provide me a lot of information. Even I haven’t needed it yet but who know what happen in the future. I may need it then I bookmark it already. Thank you again!
    QuynhLan recently posted..How to install OpenCart?My Profile

  • jupiterjim


    I welcome your staff! Thanks for the compliments!
    jupiterjim recently posted..How to Change Font Size and Font Family in WordPress Posts and PagesMy Profile

  • merlin

    wow, thanks i was looking for creating a new users in my wordpress blog and your method really very helpful and easy.

  • Hi jupiterjim,

    It’s really nice to know about for How to Create a new user in WordPress.this post can really help for those are unaware to creating a new user in WordPress.thanks for shairing

  • Carol

    Hi Jim,
    My name is Carol and I own a florist. I’m in the process of creating a website just for my wedding side of the business. Someone offered an idea to me for my site and I thought it was a great idea. Here’s the idea.

    On my wedding estimate form we add a new option for my customer. Private access to a couple pages on my new website where they can upload their wedding pictures. We give them a username and password for access to their private page(s) where they have editor privileges to upload their images. They can then give their family and friends some type of username and password so that they may view their wedding pictures online. Screw Facebook.

    My question is this. What type of plugin would I need if available to provide this option to my customer? If anyone reading this has any good ideas, I would greatly appreciate any help or advice you may have.

    Thanks in advance,
    Carol in NC

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