Proper Permalink Structure Settings in WordPress Blog Posts for Best SEO

In this post I have included a short video explaining what Permalinks are and how to set them in your WordPress Blog Administrative Panel. I am also including a dynamite, thoroughly researched article about the proper permalink structure best for blog Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and for other reasons of speed and reliability.

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Here’s the link to that awesome blog post about permalink structure and SEO:

According to the article linked above this paragraph, only the two choices outlined in red are appropriate choices for Permalink Structure. You get there by going to Dashboard>Settings>Permalinks as I explain in my video in this post.  My guess is that the author of the article would choose “Day and name” if you post almost everyday and choose “Month and name” if you post once or twice per week.  Use your best judgement.

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Permalinks Choices in WordPress Blog Admin Panel

Permalinks Choices in WordPress Blog Admin Panel

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    Thank you for your very detailed, precise, easy to follow video. Just subscribed.

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