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Quick, Easy way to Create “placeholder” images for WordPress and Thesis Theme Sites and Blogs

Even though I have this blog post listed under WordPress Tutorial on my site, it’s really helpful to WordPress Thesis Theme users as well. In this WordPress Video Tutorial, I show you how to very quickly and easily create placeholder images which can really speed up the design of your WordPress blog or website.

I have created blog posts and videos on the proper way to add an image to a blog POST using the Thesis Theme, or the proper way to add an image to a blog PAGE using the Thesis Theme, and yet another tutorial on the proper way to add an image to a sidebar widget. In each of the examples above, you need to copy and paste the URL (or web address that points to the proper image, usually found in your media library) into the proper place.

So how does creating ‘placeholder images’ make my job easier?

Now the typical procedure is to upload the image to the WordPress media library, copy and paste the image URL into the proper location, resize, re-upload, re-paste, etc, etc. until you finally got the size right!  Boring.  Tedious. Hello?
Well, with this very cool website called dummyimage you can create a “placeholder” image, a demo image, a dummy image, if you will, in seconds.  And you don’t have to upload the image to the media library in your WordPress dashboard.  You can skip that step completely!  You can just copy and paste the URL from the dummyimage.com website that creates the the placeholder or dummy image into the proper place in your blog or website. So easy!

Once you watch the WordPress and Thesis Theme Video Tutorial below, all will become crystal clear.

Here are the two websites you will need to complete this wordpress video tutorial:

  1. http://dummyimage.com/    (to create the image)
  2. http://www.w3schools.com/tags/ref_colorpicker.asp
    (to pick your favorite color in hexadecimal code)
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