Bloggers Must Do These Two Things or Fail

OK, everyone, this is short and sweet. If you want to develop a following as a blogger you need to do these two things or you will fail :

#1 You must relate to your audience in your mind and in your heart.

#2 You must then provide valuable information based on that connection.

Ok, let me expand.  #1 You need to really figure out what your audience wants and needs. Try to keep the topic narrow and then provide excellent information about that topic.  And #2  Don’t share generalities and platitudes. They are everywhere on the Internet.  Give them information that will change their lives if they apply it to the topic at hand.

In summation: Figure out what your audience needs and wants and then give it to them.   Don’t sit and wonder if your post is going to make you money.  Wonder if it’s going to change someone’s life if they read and apply the information.

Think about it.

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  • jupiterjim May 18, 2010, 5:35 pm

    Ok, I like to give credit where credit is due. Bill Vannott wrote a similar article and I linked to it in an earlier post. That article inspired me to write this post. I just shortened it and put it into my own words. Thanks, Bill !

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