How Long Until Your WordPress Blog is Successful?

I just read an article about blogging and got so excited about the information that I wanted to share a link to that blog post. And so here it is:

After you’ve been blogging for a few weeks or months, doing all the right things (posting good content regularly, a little SEO, sharing on Facebook, commenting on other blogs, etc) you start to wonder:

“How long till I get a large blog following that subscribes to my blog and posts comments on my blog regularly?”

Well according to the article, your blog will have momentum and a life of it’s own, when the number of Subscribers to your blog reaches about 1,000 and the number of New, Unique visitors to your blog equals about 10,000 per month.

I realize those numbers seem large to most people.  Realize also that those numbers are serious, but doable!  You will not achieve those numbers in the first four or five months. You will probably not even “be on track” for those numbers your first four or five months.

Make a commitment of at least one, high quality post per week for 52 weeks and stick with it. Two or three per week is better but one is better than nothing.  Don’t quit. The only thing that can really kill your blog is YOU. Don’t do it.

Remember the dream! Think about why you started your blog in the first place.

Whenever you can, personally welcome your new blog followers and subscribers.  Don’t be lazy and just let the “autoresponder” deal with your new subscribers.  Send them a short personal email letting them know that You are a real person and that They are a real person too.  It’s about people, NOT mailing lists and email addresses and numbers, statistics and Google Analytics. It’s about real people with hopes and plans and dreams, just like you.

Remember when you first started out how you wanted the information in your blog to help out other people improve their lives in some way? Maybe the information in that blog was supposed to change the course of people’s lives forever.  Well, then try and get excited and motivated about the few people that are posting on your blog, sharing on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribing to your email list.

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If you can maintain that excitement and enthusiasm for the few REAL people that you are helping with your blog posts today, then the day will come when your blog posts will positively impact Thousands of People around the globe in some way, large or small.

Just don’t quit and NEVER GIVE UP!

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  • Charlene Christiano Jun 8, 2011, 3:49 pm

    I loved this blog post because it gives a great goal to reach yet keeping it real. We are a society of instant gratification seekers and this business tool requires persistence and consistence. Those are the 2 things to guarantee any blog success. Great job as always, Jim.

    • jupiterjim Jun 12, 2011, 1:51 pm

      You are right on the money, my friend! No instant gratification here! Just lots of dedication and persistence and consistence! We can all do it! Just never give up!

  • Nathalie Villeneuve Jan 4, 2012, 12:04 pm

    I LOVED this post Jim, I will check the link as well but for now this was really inspiring to me. I agree with treating people with respect and connecting with them on a personal level is key! ~ Nathalie Villeneuve

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