Monetize Your Site — Black Friday Weekend Special!

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The folks over have done it again!

They’ve gotten some of the best people around to offer an amazing Black Friday Sale on a couple of dozen different products, courses, resources and tools!

Every item in the Black Friday Sale is just $10!

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That’s up to $390 savings on some products!

* Kevin Riley is letting his $400 Product Creation Lab course go…for $10.

* Kelly McCausey is challenging you to Stretch Yourself by forcing you to jump out of your comfort zone…for $10.

* Ronnie Nijmeh is offering a steal on a $98 PLR product…for $10.

* Dvorah Lansky is releasing her Digital Publishing Virtual Summit that usually sells for $147…for $10.

* Lou Bortone is giving you everything you need to Discover all the insider tips and tricks for making great video with 9 of the world’s top video experts that normally sells for $97 for $10

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This is just a sampling of what’s there!

Also, David is also giving the entire Audio Replays from NAMS 7 Workshop as a bonus to the Black Friday Sale – that’s 80 hours of audio training from 30 top-notch instructors presentation pdfs!

You know I rarely promote products or services.   So if I do, you know they are THE BEST!!!!  MyNAMS and the NAMS Workshop, and what a great one-stop resource it is for online entrepreneurs.


[box style=”alert”]Well, for this weekend only, David Perdew – the guy who runs MyNAMS – is giving everyone a chance to join their new membership program for a 3 day trial for only $1![/box]


Like always, David’s team completely over-delivers on value and budget busting programs!

MyNAMS Live Training Replay Vault which allows access to over 50 Live Training Replays and all new Weekly Live Trainings (as long as you remain a member) is only $10 per month. You’ll get access to 4 new Live Training replays each month.

So visit My Niche Affiliate Marketing System to get in on the sweet $10 deals and check out the MyNAMS Live Training Replay Vault while you’re there!

Have a great Holiday and don’t forget to mark this on your calender! You don’t want to miss these great deals!

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  • William Amis Nov 23, 2012, 4:09 pm


    Now this article blows my mind and talk about self-promotion? I was expecting a deep article on do’s and not’s. I have read each detail you have given us and they are great if you are into those things this holiday.

    Most are at a bargine and some should jump all over it. I would not believe this came from you yet it is a time of shopping most people think and why not give them quality locations on super deals.

    I do not endorse and products and companies. Yet, you are a great honorable man and one with ethical actions. That is why I am with edifying your actions here.

    Thanks for exposing locations that should spark and interest even in those who may not know the people you have endorsed.

    • jupiterjim Nov 23, 2012, 5:56 pm


      Thanks for sharing and commenting! I always have great respect for your blog posts and your comments on my blog posts as well. Well, YES, This day and this weekend, up through Cyber-Monday are traditionally days to sell things at deep discount prices.

      As an example, there is video training available here for only $10 that is normally $97. So I know in my heart that it would actually be a dereliction of duty not to share this very great, yet, inexpensive training program will all my followers who want to make some money online with their blog.

      You also get to check out all the training available to all members at MyNAMS for only $1 for 3 days! Another great deal if people are serious about making money online!

      So, the real crime would have been for me to know about all these great deals that can actually help my followers MAKE MONEY ONLINE and yet not share it with them for fear of what someone may think of me as an affiliate marketer.

      Kimberly Castleberry whom we both know and respect has videos on sale at MyNAMS as well. She told me about MyNAMS which is why I am now trying to share it with as many people as I can now!

      Thanks again for dropping by and sharing!

      ~ Jupiter Jim

  • Nile Dec 1, 2012, 11:41 pm

    This is a very good deal to pass on to others. I hope some of your readers are taking advantage of it. I have to admit that one day I hope that my own products will have its own Black Friday deal…lol. Now, if only I could get a block of free time to finish those projects…lol.

  • clare@prosperitynetworker Dec 2, 2012, 11:21 am

    Hi Jim,
    This was a great list of products. I did take advantage of one Black Friday deal for something I had been looking for. As you mentioned, if I had been watching carefully, I could have picked up the plug-in for landing pages I was seeking. However I still haven’t set up the one I bought and it is important to use what you buy!!

    Thanks again.
    your friend,

  • Yorinda Dec 5, 2012, 2:54 pm

    Hi Jim,

    what a great tribute to this inspirational man!

    I like what you wrote about the way Zig Ziglar put the focus on what we value.
    To have seen him speak live must have been a real treat.

    Thank you so much for sharing this.

    • Yorinda Dec 5, 2012, 2:56 pm

      This was meant for the post about Zig Ziglar.

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