Show People More Value & Money will Follow

The link in this post goes to Bill Vannot.  He creates and sells some very, very helpful instructional videos about WordPress on his blog.  Now, I usually don’t publish content or links to stuff that is NOT tangible.   In other words, I don’t want to publish posts on ATTITUDE and GOALS, etc.  There are tons of blogs and websites on that.

However, what Bill Vannot is saying in this blog post is so critical I felt the need to repost.  He is saying, in part, learn something specific to share with people, then be generous in sharing that knowledge and the money will follow.  Please click on the link below to fully appreciate his Words of Wisdom.

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  • Bill Vannot May 18, 2010, 4:25 pm

    Hi Jupiter Jim,

    After the kind comments you psoted on my blog, I thought it only fair that I come take a look at your blog:)

    Very nice…I just watched the two videos about your web design and the ‘Thesis’ Blog Theme. I think I may know someone who will be ineterested in this, I’ll pass these details on to them

    Take Care


    • jupiterjim Sep 18, 2011, 3:55 am


      Well I know you have great videos on your blog too! Hope all is well!

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