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Top 20 Blogs You Need to Succeed in 2012!

My List of the Top 20 Blogs for Bloggers has also been placed on a page on this site for your easy access to it in the future.  That way when you want to find this list you just click on the tab in my navigation bar entitled, “Top 20 Blogs” and you won’t have to search for this particular post, cause that’s really a pain in the neck!

You Busted Me!  Ok, there are not yet 20 Top Blogs listed but I’m always finding really cool blogs I want my readers to know about, so I left some space to add them to the list in the future without having to change the title and permalink to this blog post!

Why These Are the Best Blogs to Follow!

I love these blogs and I love these bloggers because they “keep it real”.  Ok?  No hype!  No fluff.  No fillers. No showing off.  Just real blog posts with useful, practical, invaluable information that can help your blog today!   Wanna know about the best plugins?  Wanna know about WordPress SEO? Wanna know about FREE ways to generate more legitimate traffic to your site?   Want more income from your blog?

Then Read These Sites Every Day!

I’ve been a CIW Certified Master Designer since 2003, but I didn’t start designing WordPress Blogs and Websites until January 2010.   In January of 2011, I started posting weekly on Jupiter Jim’s Marketing Team blog and decided to get serious about blogging.  WOW!  I learned real fast that there is a HUGE difference between creating a blog and creating a blog following.   Well, I think almost everything I’ve learned about blogging came from the sites listed below.   Some, I’ve followed for more than a year and they’ve never let me down.   They’ve been honest. They’ve been helpful. (So you can see my blog has only been “active”, with weekly posts,  for 15 months now.)

Save Thousands of Dollars, Now!

Please don’t waste your money on expensive training.   There is plenty of free information here to keep you busy, late into the night for months and years.  And you can always check out my Over 75 Free Video Tutorials on WordPress and the Thesis Theme here on this site or on my YouTube Channel.  All my videos are definitely on YouTube.  Don’t forget to use the Search Function once you get to my YouTube Channel to find what you are looking for, ok?   I hope this helps. Have a great Day!

 My Top 20 Blogs for Bloggers!

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  • I love the idea of a top 20 blog list. I follow most of the blogs you have on your list. I have learned a lot form bloggers and I really recommend having a list of blogs to visit every day to keep updated. I see a couple on your list I need to check out. Thanks.
    Melodie Kantner recently posted..Three Mistakes That Will Shipwreck Your Network Marketing BusinessMy Profile

    • jupiterjim


      glad you like the list. I published this post then kept editing it. Before I was done editing it, I noticed that you had commented! Very cool.

      Thanks for dropping by and being the first one to comment on this post!

      ~ Jupiter Jim

  • Wonderful links shared Jim!

    I totally agree with your list of awesome blogs, most of which I visit regularly, though I do need to check out 2-3 of them as yet. They are sure a great resource of learning and to the point as well.

    Thanks for sharing :)
    Harleena Singh recently posted..What are the Health Benefits of Fasting?My Profile

  • Terrific list Jim! My personal favorites are Copyblogger, Problogger, Chris Garrett and Chris Brogan – but I also follow several of those you’ve listed. We’re so fortunate to have access to so many wonderful resources!
    marquita herald recently posted..Are You Sabotaging Your Personal Growth with Emotional Baggage?My Profile

  • Awesome resources, Jim! I particularly like problogger and basicblogtips!
    Anthony Hutcherson recently posted..5 MLM Secrets To Jump-Start Your BusinessMy Profile

  • #21 soon would be mine :) LOL .. Good list Jim
    herbert recently posted..5 Sites Where You Can Make Decent Money If You Like WritingMy Profile

  • Hi Jim

    Thanks for the great list! I am tweeting out RSS feeds all the time with a service called Pluggio. I like it because I can pick and choose what posts I want to go out and when. I am always looking for cool new blogs to add relevant content. Thank you again!!!

    Laura Morris recently posted..Top 10 Ways Ways to Ensure a Growing MLM BusinessMy Profile

  • Hi Jim! I’m honored to see my blog listed here. I appreciate being among such great blogs. I read all of them and I think your blog is on the top of my list too :)
    Ileane recently posted..5 Ways to Avoid Looking Desperate or Selfish on Social MediaMy Profile

  • Nice list of bloggers to follow. I hope to see my blog to be there too someday.
    Arwin recently posted..Anawangin Cove is Philippines Top Summer DestinationMy Profile

  • Thanks Anthony for these valuable tips and the top bloggers’ list.
    I have taken notes, most of them I already know and I will plan to visit an dcomment on other blogs as you suggest. Thanks and take care!

  • Thanks for sharing these great list of blogs. With the exception of one, I know them all and particularly enjoy Ana’s, Ileane’s, Brankica’s Kim’s and Hesham’s blogs. Obviously that was not in any order of preference :)
    DiTesco recently posted..Should I Crowdsource my Marketing Tasks?My Profile

  • great idea of a top 20 blog list, i wish there were more blogs with only great content, as you said….keep it real”, No hype, No fluff. No fillers. Or showing off.

  • Awesome list! I read quite a few of these and agree with your selection. There’s only one I don’t know, so I’ll check that one out.
    Sharon Hurley Hall recently posted..Do You Let Potential Clients See Your Rate Card Before They Contact You?My Profile

  • Nice Post. Will surely have a check on all of these blogs on daily basis and will check yours as well. Keep it up :) Thanks
    Harneet recently posted..Choose the Default Operating System to Run – Dual Boot TipMy Profile

  • Hi Jim,
    Thanks for this awesome list.
    My Fav is :
    1. BasicBlogTips
    2. ProBlogger
    3. Trafficgenerationcafe
    4. Thinktraffic
    BTW again thanks for the list.
    I am going to bookmark this page :)
    Amit recently posted..Bitdefender Total Security 2012 – #1 Ranked Antivirus SoftwareMy Profile

  • Jim,
    Nice catch as you updated your list. I remember you left Kim out before. This is the final list of your and well organized.

    They all deserve a great Well Done! Each on has been giving supportive and usable information for sometime now.

    I like them all based on how they write for all to understand such a difficult topic each week. They give it a style of their own. Yet, you can learn priceless ways of doing something with the same end result we are looking for.

    Jim, your a great coach and techie that I love to read all your information. You have a gift and I thank you for sharing other’s content as well.
    William Earl Amis, recently posted..Your Passion Is Your BusinessMy Profile

  • Nice list shard by you of 20 blog it will be really much helpful for me . !!

  • I’ve followed Denise Wakeman as she was the only one I didn’t know. Thanks for the list. :)
    Rob Cubbon recently posted..Link Building Strategies – Without Link NetworksMy Profile

  • Hi Jym,
    I often visited on these 20 blogs and I also participated in them. The think I most like about them is that they are active in blog postings and comment replying. Thanks for sharing the list!
    Pete Goumas recently posted..Penguin Coupon & ReviewMy Profile

  • Thanks Jym for sharing best blogs list. I like blondish website the most because it is of my interest and the rest of the blogs are also good.
    Syeda Mehwish recently posted..Webhosting PlansMy Profile

  • Hi Jim,
    That’s a great list, I follow most of them but some are new to me, if I had to choose 3 of them, that would be Hesham’s famousbloggers.net, Ana’s Trafficgenerationcafe.com and Ileane’s Basicblogtips.com, I visit them on a daily basis and everyday I learn something new…
    Kostas recently posted..Convert More Traffic With Trusted LogosMy Profile

  • Thank you for a great list. No problem not having 20 yet, Jim. Especially since you’ve already got some of my favorites on the list as it is. Blondish, Just Ask Kim and Problogger are three great blogs I have learned a lot from.

    They each have different strengths and areas of expertise and I know for a fact that my website writing skills have improved just be reading those three. I am anticipating that they will get even better if I add a few more from your list into my daily reading.
    Micahel recently posted..The Power of GratitudeMy Profile

  • Great to find blogs from many fellow bloggers getting listed here. All of them are full of informative contents. :)
    Anoop Sudhakaran recently posted..Grab a Pingdom Services Business Account Free for 1 YearMy Profile

  • Hi Jim,

    Wow, thank you so much for including my blog on this list. I’m surprised, honored and very flattered. I know all of them as well so I will agree with you that they all provide such valuable information as far as blogging, growing your blog, getting traffic and building relationships.

    I love the blogging community and how willing they are to share information and help others move forward with their blog and business.

    Thank you again Jim for the mention and I’m truly honored to be included on this list.

    Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Easter!

    Adrienne recently posted..6 Tips On How To Get Subscribers On YouTubeMy Profile

  • I am aware of problogger but the rest are new for me
    very good compilation

  • What a great idea, posting a list of really good blogs! I have to say that I’ve learned so much over the last year just from reading blogs. Some of your list I’ve been to, others I haven’t heard of. But now I have some others to check out. Thanks!
    Pastor Sherry recently posted..Walk With God Even When The Answer Is “No”My Profile

  • I recently came across your blog and have been reading posts. I thought I would leave a comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often

  • Thanks for the list, Jim. I haven’t visit everyone on the list, but I intend to now.

    Thanks for helping with the easy access to them. I will bookmark this page.

    Jaden Daniels recently posted..Building My Own WordPress Auction SiteMy Profile

  • Born27

    Oh very useful post. Many people would benefit from this. There’s no doubt. The comments are the proofs. :)
    Born27 recently posted..Online Conference CallMy Profile

  • I am definitely honored to be leading such a great collection of blogs, Jim!
    Ana Hoffman recently posted..Market SamuraiMy Profile

  • Thanks for the websites list. I bookmarked this page. Will come back later and check them out. Traffic generation cafe sounds very interesting.
    Jacob recently posted..Mistakes To Avoid For Successful MLM BusinessesMy Profile

  • Jim,

    Great list – I agree with a handful of them. I hear more and more about Adrienne Smith, and Traffic Generation Cafe.

    So, thank you for paving the path…

    Keri recently posted..Facebook Timeline For Page Owners Working With An AdminMy Profile

  • Thank you for sharing your top blogs with us.I know for a fact that there are some brilliant blogs there that you have mentioned.
    Sarah recently posted..Flaw in Popular Mobile Apps Exposes Users to Identity TheftMy Profile

  • Great post, I will be sure to go through the list of the top blogs, i enjoy reading new blogs. thank you for sharing this list with us, I am looking forward to going through the list.
    Andrew recently posted..Flaw in Popular Mobile Apps Exposes Users to Identity TheftMy Profile

  • Hi Jim,
    Great list! I have been reading Social media examiner for a few years now and I have learned tons from their contributors. Mike is a great example of someone who created a Million Dollar business from blogging. There are a couple of blogs on your list that I don’t know so that will be fun to read them.

    I see you don’t have John Jantsch’s http://ducttapemarketing.com – you may consider adding this one. I have found it invaluable.


  • Nice list of top 20. that will give some idea to achieve good ranking
    Cyber Tweaks recently posted..Get upto 16GB free space on DropboxMy Profile

  • I totally agree to have the best blogs in a list. Your blog has helped me determine and organize which ones are powerful for my business. Your list is awesome and I use most of them. I appreciate you are always willing to give great information to your audience, thanks so much.

  • Very useful piece. I have been trying to start up a simple movie blog, but I never knew how much SEO was required. Many thanks.
    Best Films recently posted..BEST NINETIES FILMS (1)My Profile

    • jupiterjim

      So far I like your site and the films it lists! I love movies!!!!

  • I am already a big fan of the first four blogs and also Basic Blog Tips. I also like Adrienne’s blog a lot. I have checked many of the other blogs sometimes, but haven’t been a regular reader. Now that you’ve this top 20 list here, I think it’s the right time to start reading them once again!
    Saksham Talwar recently posted..Check Out the Google Webmaster Help YouTube ChannelMy Profile

    • jupiterjim


      Yes, having all those great blogs in one place helps me as well! Glad you like!

    • jupiterjim


      Yes, I believe that having them all on one list in one place makes it easier to visit them daily or on a regular basis!

  • I like it because I can pick and choose what posts I want to go out and when. I am always looking for cool new blogs to add relevant content.

    • jupiterjim

      Glad you like my list!

  • Jym

    WoW! What an honor Jim! Thanks :)

    Hope I haven’t disappointed any of your readers with my 3 month sojourn offline… Back and in effect to live up to your recommendation!

    There’s a really healthy network of quality blogs around, and much to be learned by finding the ones that resonate for us personally and display the right mixture of humanity and expertise…
    Jym recently posted..Where to Find Fantastic Free Pictures for Your BlogMy Profile

    • OH – and a note I meant to add – I got around to changing my domain to bloggersalchemy.com, perhaps you could edit it on your list Jim?

      Thanks again mate ;)

  • These tips are very impotant for the blogster, well and for everyone to look at. They are really helpful.
    Beverly Knox recently posted..IdealsMy Profile

  • Great post, Jupiter Jim! I go to some of these blogs from time to time myself. I must admit that I am focused a lot more on writing than the visual aspects, but I have really learned a lot along the way.
    Steve Nicholas recently posted..Are You Impeccable with Your Word?My Profile

    • jupiterjim

      Glad you like, Steve!

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